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PART 2 - Kids Take Over Newspaper - Winnipeg Free Press & The Dream Factory

Photojournalist Tim Page was 20 when he first arrived to cover the Vietnam War in Now he reflects on what he experienced during his years covering the conflict, and the toll it took on him. Study at Wilfrid Laurier University explores the value of low-frequency sound therapy. Hong Kong police shoot protester during morning demonstration.

A video posted online shows police in Hong Kong shooting at least one protester as demonstrators disrupted the morning rush hour on Monday. Trending Opinion Don Cherry, fired by Sportsnet, hated any changes to hockey — and his imaginary Canada. It was super fun and really challenging. Working on I Dream of Diesel has been a utopia of creativity, collaboration, good vibes and games of Foursquare.

I first got involved with theatre in high school. I was lucky enough to go to a school with a great theatre program that allowed me to be in productions of The Odd Couple and Twelve Angry Men. Being a theatre artist allows me to Play for a living…what can I ask for beyond that really. I had devised a few small pieces with classmates in university but nothing to the scale of a full production such as Diesel. My impressions of devising this project has been the sheer magnitude of all the little pieces we have to create this story.

Working on I Dream of Diesel I am struck by the sheer array of talents of my crew and fellow cast mates.

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Everyone either brings to the table a craftiness, another directorial eye, a script change here or there or a mean back hand in a game of Foursquare. This project asks a lot of everyone involved, in terms of being multidisciplinary, and those challenges have been met full on. As far as exciting upcoming projects I have two! When not creating theatre I can be found behind the grill at Nuburger, the best burgers in Winnipeg, Sherbrook.

The funny — perhaps even sad — thing is, even as a kid I wanted to be an actor when I grew up. My family, still living in rural Manitoba, share a lot of similarities with the family in Diesel. With that in mind they are also a loving bunch of folks who motivate me to dream — much like my character Joe, the dreamer of the play.

The curtain rises tonight on I Dream of Diesel! She is a force to be reckoned with. Click here to read the article. Tickets are sold out for opening, but there are seats available for all other nights of the run. Buy on this website or call us at How did you first get involved in theatre? We asked local theatre artist and educator extraodinaire, Pauline Broderick, to have a chat with I Dream of Diesel director and co-creator, Andraea Sartison pictured left.

Pauline is a veteran drama educator who is delighted to get to ask questions of a new generation of experimental theatre artists. She is part of the design team working on the development of the new provincial arts curriculum. Currently she is privileged to be teaching a class at the University of Manitoba called Arts Infusion in the Digital Age where students collaboratively create performance.

AS : I was really interested in collaborating with a musician. That is a lot of what One Trunk does. We try to make theatre with artists from other disciplines. We sought out a musician who would be a collaborator. That is more difficult than you would think. It was an unplanned match made in heaven. AS : Yes. In my own life and my own practise I have always done choir and music and painting and theatre. I think the draw to theatre was that I could combine all of those various interests into a living, story based art form.

It feels like a very natural thing to do. It was the feeling of the music that inspired us. His music is very poetic. We pulled characters and themes from the music and developed their stories. Even now, after the show has taken on its own life, you can find the connections to his music. PB: Tell me about the beginning steps on the journey from YES to the refinements of a staged production. We did a whole bunch of workshops.

Our first workshop was an image based exploration. We listened to the music then went looking for artifacts that might fit the story. We built scenes with these objects. We identified characters and created sequences using the objects that illustrated the characters hopes and dreams. We performed them for each other and talked about what they made us think and feel. AS : After that, we worked on physical based explorations of character and stories. We were mostly developing images and characters at that time.

The Carol Shields Festival gave us a deadline to work toward. We had to tie a lot of loose ends together to perform. She was a really important part of the writing process. She started pushing us in the direction of a story that has A-Z. Our first attempt at A-Z was very visual. It had maybe 35 words. It was very physical. We had a full set and projections and music so it was very sensual and very evocative. From that Theatre Projects Manitoba invited us to be part of their season so this whole last year has been focused on the written script. The intention was to have a full script to work with.

We did some good writing. It took the full year. It finally feels like we have a script. I know there is not one single scene that has not been altered by someone else. PB : How has that sense of collective creation played out in this phase of production? AS : Over the last few months we have started to take on more focused roles. Claire did the last draft and edits. We made a collective choice to make the set pieces very simple and nostalgic. When they are projected upon, another layer of experience is illuminated.

Technology is successful when it is fully integrated into the story. It has to be fully integrated. AS: A lot of this piece for me has to do with where the dream intersects with reality. This play is a conversation between what is real and what is not. Dream and Reality is a big thing. There is also a bit of a haunting in the show; not as in a ghost story but more about a haunting of prairie lore and ancestry; an awareness of the soul of the prairie. The opening invitation to the audience is about sharing a coffee with them.

I think the story really speaks to women our age. It about having a dream or an ideal of what your life is going to be and then arriving at the moment when you realize what your life is and being OK with that. Never before heard by a live audience….. You will hear them first! These short plays require nimble performances and live Foley effects to create the world of Winnipeg at the turn of the century.

You will learn about your City, you will be entertained, you will bear witness! Winnipeg like you have never heard it before. What in tarnation are we doing? Come and find out. TPM pass holders get in free OR admission by donation at the door. Acclaimed Winnipegger, Scott Nolan , is a musical force to be reckoned with. Nolan himself. Every second and fourth Thursday of the month, Scott will host an evening of eclectic and ever changing folk music from home and beyond.

Come celebrate and the power of the solo playwright! Having closed the fascinating and powerful White Rabbit Red Rabbit , many of the artists and audience members feel compelled to continue discussing this bold theatrical experiment. We have invited a number of the actors who performed White Rabbit to engage a panel discussion with the audience about the communal experience of this piece.

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Because musicians are rabbits too! B-Rabbit and HunnyBunny will put a smile on your face and take you back to a kinder, simpler time… So snap on your slap bands, dig out your favourite scrunchie, and get ready to travel back to the 90s! Doors are at 6pm, show is 7pm , and the kitchen and bar are open! See you Monday! We gathered as many rabbits as we could into a room with videographer Leif Norman and asked them two questions about White Rabbit Red Rabbit.

He compiled the interviews into a short video for the show- the results are adorable and hilarious. Check out the video here, be delighted, and feel free to share the link! What if you want to see more than one of your favourite local performers take the stage? For individuals wishing to attend a second or even a third performance, we are offering special pricing, but only with advance payments and proof of purchase in the form of a ticket stub or a pre-paid reservation.

If people want to attend multiple shows, we recommend booking them all in advance this way they do not need to provide proof of purchase in the form of a ticket stub at the door. Here are the special prices for those attending a second, third or even fourth performance! These are only available if you are attending multiple performances! The fabulous exception to this is for students. Adults and seniors are only eligible for the discounted rates listed above.

Here is what they chatted about! Why did you decide to bring the White Rabbit Red Rabbit here? How did you learn about the show? It caught my attention because of the involvement of two Canadian companies; Volcano Theatre and Necessary Angel. They developed the play with Nassim Soleimanpour the playwright who lives in Iran, and premiered the show simultaneously at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland and the Summerworks Festival in Toronto.

The play was written to travel the world and be performed because the playwright was unable to leave his country. I loved the idea that an international play existed with the goal of connecting to performers and audience members in communities around the world. Why does the play require a new actor and a cold read each night?

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What does that bring to the show? White Rabbit Red Rabbit engages everyone in the act of theatre; actor, audience and playwright are all present simultaneously. No actor is allowed to perform this play if they have seen it, or if they have already performed it. It is one night only and the audience gets a real, live experience, rife with possibilities, mistakes and spontaneity. Some have written that White Rabbit Red Rabbit defies description. It has been called an audacious theatrical experiment. The playwright uses allegory and theatrical experiment to explain his situation, using art as a socio-political metaphor.

It has metaphors, it has symbols, and it has secrets.

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I can guarantee that Winnipeggers will have an undeniably unique experience. What does that mean? The play works on a beautiful metaphorical level. It is about theatre as much as it can be seen as being about the constructions of our societies. It encourages us to question our conventions of authority, our own willingness to be obedient, to be passive and to do what is expected of us. Theatre can unsettle as it entertains; it can disturb and delight at the same time. This provides an opportunity to bring new light to the issues at the foundation of our society. White Rabbit, Red Rabbit invites us to think about oppression, freedom and words.

I encourage people to see more than one performance! Each actor will be very different in tone, emphasis and impact. You are intelligent, playful and insightful. You have a great imagination and a wonderful sense of humour. This is a fun-loving year. Enjoy increased popularity and warm friendships. This year, you will be more grateful for your life and will appreciate the happiness and beauty around you daily. You will make an important choice — choose wisely. You can comment on most stories on The Winnipeg Free Press website. You can also agree or disagree with other comments.

All you need to do is be a Winnipeg Free Press print or digital subscriber to join the conversation and give your feedback. Comments are open to The Winnipeg Free Press print or digital subscribers only. By submitting your comment, you agree to abide by our Community Standards and Moderation Policy. These guidelines were revised effective February 27, Have a question about our comment forum?

Check our frequently asked questions. Advertisement Advertise With Us. The moon is in Virgo.

winnipeg free press horoscope february 14 2020 Winnipeg free press horoscope february 14 2020
winnipeg free press horoscope february 14 2020 Winnipeg free press horoscope february 14 2020
winnipeg free press horoscope february 14 2020 Winnipeg free press horoscope february 14 2020
winnipeg free press horoscope february 14 2020 Winnipeg free press horoscope february 14 2020
winnipeg free press horoscope february 14 2020 Winnipeg free press horoscope february 14 2020

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