Philstar horoscope february 21 2020

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On the domestic front, you will enjoy happy moments with friends and family. Do not let professional success get to your head.

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It is important to strengthen relations with your loved ones by being accommodating and forgiving. However, the love life of single Tigers does not look promising. You will encounter some love interests but they are not long-time partner material. Enjoy their company but do not be too serious for now. For Tigers who are already in a solid relationship, this is a good time to settle down. Taking on a new hobby will work wonders for you.

To the Chinese, the Rabbit symbolizes graciousness, good manners, sound counsel, kindness and sensitivity to beauty. The Rabbit is a witty and intelligent speaker and loves being involved in a good discussion. He is an efficient worker and has an extremely good memory.

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Time to party! You will have an exciting and fulfilling The Pig will bring winds of change in your professional and social life.

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Your luck will also improve if you mind your own business and avoid disputes. Developments in your career will be much better than previous years. Important projects that you started before will bear fruit and get you in good standing with authorities. Entrepreneurs will find business to be busy but smooth.

Good communications will be the key to your success. Your financial situation will improve with substantial inflows during the first and second quarters of the year. Your compatibility with the Pig will enhance your social and family life. This year, you need to be extra supportive of your family for some of them will depend on you for moral and financial support.

Single Rabbits will find it difficult to find Cupid so just lie low and concentrate on your career and family life. You need to be careful in August for mishaps or untoward incidents. Your health will be satisfactory but do stay away from funerals. Engage in outings with family and friends because the sun will bring you good fortune. The Dragon is born under the sign of good luck and will do well in practically anything he attempts.

He is magnanimous, full of vitality and is constantly on the go. Proud and aristocratic, the Dragon possesses an assertive personality. He could be egotistical, eccentric, dogmatic, whimsical, terribly demanding or unreasonable, but is never without a band of admirers. The Dragon is not wholly compatible with the Pig. The calmness that the year brings will stifle your boundless energy.

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You must therefore learn to pace yourself and control your emotions for there will be two important changes that will impact your future. Dragons will need to carry out good deeds and do some charity work to ward off bad luck. On the whole, your professional life will be uneventful in There will be no major upheavals in your work place and progress will be slow. Entrepreneurs will, however, find some lucky stars that will shine upon new business ventures.

Dragons embarking on a new career will also enjoy a good start.

Those working on commission — salesmen, realtors, financial advisors, etc. The financial situation of Dragons will improve but do not expect bountiful cash inflows. Your social life could be busy but the calm nature of the Pig will come upon you and dampen your spirit to socialize. Rather than isolating yourself, spend more time with your family and friends for they will provide comfort and enjoyment. Those who have partners should exert extra effort to be more understanding.

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Lucky stars will shine upon single Dragons particularly during the first and second quarters of the year. Your love life will bloom, surprisingly with someone within your circle of friends or acquaintances.

The Snake is the deepest thinker and the most mysterious in the Chinese zodiac. He is endowed with an inborn wisdom and intelligence. He treasures his privacy and possesses a calm and placid nature. Graceful, soft-spoken but with a good sense of humor, he loves good books, food, music and theater. Professionally and personally, you will experience some difficulties. Your sensitive and belligerent ways could be your biggest roadblock this year.

To overcome these challenges, face them in a perceptive and analytical manner. At work, be more patient and persevering. You will encounter some bumps and delays but do consult your superiors to lighten the load. They will prove to be quite helpful in solving problems. Part-time employees will have better luck this year as there will be more opportunities for permanent jobs. Snakes will also face some difficulties regarding finances, particularly during the first half of the year.

The second half of the year will be better as more cash inflows are expected. On the other hand, your social life will be quite active and enjoyable. Your long-term efforts to pursue or complete a major personal objective will be realized. For some Snakes who have been trying to reinvent themselves, this is your year. However, the love life of many Snakes will face some tough decisions, particularly those in a current or permanent relationship. For single Snakes it will likewise be an uneventful year with no romance stars in the horizon.

Your health will be generally fine but do not ignore minor ailments or they could aggravate. Take time for a vacation to get away from stress. The outdoors will be good for you. The Horse is cheerful, popular and quick-witted. He is very perceptive and loves to talk. He is quite physical and exudes raw sex appeal — the type who will fall in love easily and fall out of love just as easily. Impulsive and stubborn, he will want to have things done his way. If was a good year for Horses, will be better. Your self-esteem and confidence will improve, thus allowing you to handle opportunities and challenges with greater ease.

Almost all aspects of your life will experience a makeover. Your career will be on the upswing, romantic prospects will be rosy and investments will grow. Your good communication skills and sociable nature will boost your career this year. Those into business or own ventures will see a marked improvement in sales and profit. Take gradual steps and avoid big expansion schemes.

Horses working part-time will meet opportunities for a more stable profession. As a result of your professional success, your financial situation will greatly improve. Your first priority should be to pay off your financial obligations and loans. The rest should be saved rather than put in a new investment. You can also reserve some funds for a much-needed vacation that will improve your well-being. While your professional life will be hectic, your social life will be subdued.

Do not neglect your family and friends, and do be careful with what you say to them. They will provide you much needed support and enjoyment. Horses who are currently in a relationship should be more open about their deepest feelings to their partners. Single Horses will see excitement in their love life with romantic prospects arising during the second and third quarters of the year. Be honest with your feelings for the relationship to develop further. The Sheep is the most feminine sign in the Chinese zodiac.

Known for his gentle and compassionate ways, he is considered the good Samaritan in the cycle. He is righteous, sincere and is easily affected by sob stories. Although he enjoys being with nature, the Sheep is usually a homebody. Time for celebration! If the previous Years of the Rooster and Dog were difficult times for you, the Year of the Pig will bring you good luck in all aspects of your life.

Your gentle nature and innate creativity augurs well with the qualities of the Pig. Sheep will enjoy greater freedom this year, which will propel you to reach your goals. At work, you will be blessed with energy and concentration that will overcome your moodiness and help you get more things done.

With creativity and team work, entrepreneurs will enjoy unqualified improvement in their business. Your professional progress will be most evident from end of July to November. This is a time to rethink your priorities in life and zoom in on relationships that matter most to you. Those in a permanent relationship should work on trust and mutual support. Single Sheep will see more excitement in their love life during the second half of the year. An active social life will bring new friends and romantic prospects for unattached Sheep.

If not paid attention to immediately, these could prove problematic in the future. The Monkey has the closest affinity to man and therefore inherits most of his intelligence. He is quick-witted, clever and innovative, and can solve intricate problems with ease. The Monkey is innately warm, natural and spontaneous. He exudes self-confidence and has an enviable joie de vivre.

philstar horoscope february 21 2020 Philstar horoscope february 21 2020
philstar horoscope february 21 2020 Philstar horoscope february 21 2020
philstar horoscope february 21 2020 Philstar horoscope february 21 2020
philstar horoscope february 21 2020 Philstar horoscope february 21 2020
philstar horoscope february 21 2020 Philstar horoscope february 21 2020
philstar horoscope february 21 2020 Philstar horoscope february 21 2020
philstar horoscope february 21 2020 Philstar horoscope february 21 2020

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