Scorpio horoscope week of february 15 2020

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Scorpio Horoscope 12222: a year in review

Get a Live Tarot Reading. Angel Cards, Angel Chat Now! Clairvoyant, Dream Manage your newsletters To manage your subscriptions, please type in your email below. The presence of Ketu with Jupiter in your second house guarantees religious activities in the house, which would bring about a calm and serene atmosphere to the household, making every member feel at peace.

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This would let you and others at home be happy at most times. There might be a little disturbance in the health of children, and existence of a mental stress.

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During the end of March, i. This might lead to a wide communication gap between you and your near and dear ones, which would make you unhappy and disturbed as well. Saturn would be placed in your third house, and this would give you happiness from your spouse. During this phase, expect to enjoy your days in all their glory along with your spouse, and enjoy being loved and cared by them, as they give you reasons to keep your smile intact.

Scorpio Horoscope Predictions – Astrology King

Buckle up and pack your bags in the first part of as the forecasts for February shows you Scorpios and your life partners getting a chance to travel to a foreign land. How else would anyone ever want to kick-start the New Year other than travelling? You might also get the opportunity to go on a pilgrimage during this second month of , with your partner. However, for all those whose birth chart shows Rahu moving into the seventh house, the house of relationships; expect that you will be presented with a lot of options as Rahu signifies multiple partners and lust.

You might fall prey to keeping numerous relationships at a time, or keeping multiple partners to fulfill all your needs. This might also present the chances of a break-up or might harbor doubt and problems into your relationship. Owing to the transit of Mars into the second house of your birth chart from 8 February until 22 March, it will give expenditures related to a family member.

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So, try to keep your finance in check, so that you are able to utilize it at times when you need it. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter from 30 March to 30 June, , will present you with expenses that are related to your home, and property. You might invest in a new house, or might rejuvenate your house, or even get furniture for your house.

Scorpio 2019 -2020 Astrology Annual Forecast

The presence of Saturn in the third house means that you would not have to give money to your neighbors or siblings, and would not have to lend money to any of your friends and relatives. This means that your savings would be intact and you would not have extra expenses during this time.

The presence of Jupiter in your second house until 20 November, , brings along chances of welcoming a new member into your family. There might be a new addition to the existing family members, or a birth might take place at your house. For Scorpios, the year does not seem to be very enriching in terms of health. This therefore means that you need to take more care of your health than usual, and focus on keeping yourself healthy.

Take good care of yourself by exercising daily and eating healthy food, so that you do not fall ill due to external factors. The first eight months of the year will give you the chance to establish countless contacts in all spheres of life, to make friends, and to develop lasting relationships. In March, a special transit will occur for this zodiac sign because the planet of luck and change will send its beneficial rays upon the most important sector of your life: house and family.

The year comes with plenty of news for Cancer and Sagittarius, who will manage to get closer to their families, and who will finally find someone to count on.

Family and Children

In , the single Scorpios will be lucky in love, and they will meet people with whom they will further establish close love relationships. Love is going to be the main interest of Aquarius in , and the sentimental relationships will be extremely harmonious. You will feel a stronger emotional connection with your life partner between August and October.

scorpio horoscope week of february 15 2020 Scorpio horoscope week of february 15 2020
scorpio horoscope week of february 15 2020 Scorpio horoscope week of february 15 2020
scorpio horoscope week of february 15 2020 Scorpio horoscope week of february 15 2020
scorpio horoscope week of february 15 2020 Scorpio horoscope week of february 15 2020
scorpio horoscope week of february 15 2020 Scorpio horoscope week of february 15 2020
scorpio horoscope week of february 15 2020 Scorpio horoscope week of february 15 2020

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