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February 16, 2005

Moreover, they do not verify as The pair comparison format had been used earlier in anothersmuch quoted study by Vernon Clark that Carlson disregarded. Onesastrologer was given a larger number of charts to match them with CPI profi lessand to rate their fi t.

A copy of the CPI interpretation manual 15 pages was made available in case additional information wassneeded. Study 2 Eighty-three volunteer participants, undergraduate or graduate students Confi rmations of classical astrologic None ofsthe participants were psychologists; the experimenter was a graduating physicist. Ertel Usin Documents: Advanced Search Include Citations. Citation Context Powered by:. Entangled minds.

Borap and N. Hasseloy 31 Time changes in Norway by L. Frederiksen 32 Time changes in Sweden by I. Wilhelm 34 Data accuracy checks of Gauquelin data 38 Letters - S. Ertel, G de Penguern, M. Pottenger, G. Douglas, M. Urban-Lurain, J. Costa Ribeiro, D. DeMarco, F. Gauquelin 14 Comments on the astrological aspects by Prof A. Muller 17 Astrology, the false testimony of the cosmos by P.


Weed, I. Wilhelm, R. Armstrong, G de Penguern, J. Goetz 40 Review of MG's replication of the six geometric figures test. Eysenck 12 How strong are planetary effects for ordinary people? Stark 18 A test of sidereal sign delineations by A. Blackwell 22 Election to government ministries and transits by G. Bordoni, C. Discepolo, V. Gauquelin 33 Georg Tannstetter, pioneer of empiricism in astrology by F. Stuhlhofer 35 Time changes in Eire by S. Lindsay and D. Monks 37 Correlation coefficients by F. Gauquelin 39 Data accuracy checks of Gauquelin data 40 The computer as a tool fcr research by M.

Pottenger 43 Personal perspective by Z. Dobyns 46 Reviews no details because pages are missing from reference copy 54 back cover Authors of the last two years of APP. APP 5. Eysenck 09 A critical look at a recent study of aspects by M. Gauquelin 15 Reply to Michel Gauquelin's criticisms by F. Gauquelin 19 Analyzed by decades, the aspect effect increases by F. Gauquelin and T. Shanks 26 Modern births in Germany by L. Skapski and P. Commons 36 Data accuracy checks of Gauquelin data 40 Letters - S.

Ertel, F. Stark, J. Gauquelin's analysis of its outcomes negative 15 Replication of the "Gauquelin-effect" with ordinary people, by F. Stark 23 male homosexuals from Brazil by F. Gauquelin, A. Costa-Ribeiro, M.

Astrology and science

O'Neill 30 When the time of birth is not the natural one by F. Gauquelin 36 Local Apparent Time by A. Blackwell 39 Do you mean apparent? Pottenger 41 Update of time changes international abbreviations for time zones 42 Letters - J. Filbey, M. Gauquelin 18 More data of Homosexuals by F. Lehman, A. Valentiner 32 Astrological Research and Science: some wrong attitudes by P. Kordts 42 Anecdotal vs Scientific Research: the difference by M. Urban-Lurain 47 Letters - R. Pestka, K. Irving, M.

O'Neill, N.


At the end of Francoise Gauquelin issued the above cumulative index, which occupied seven A4 pages photo-reduced to A5. In it she gives a brief overview of the contents, ending with "Thus APP turns out to be a useful medium for remaining informed of current advances in astrological research, and communicating to others each researchers endeavors. It will try to go along these lines.

APP 6. Dean re review of his work in 5.

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Gauquelin 16 Bias in the conduct of research by J. Lehman attack on G. Dean, reply in 6. Gauquelin 28 Aspects to chart angles by M. Pottenger 34 Completed astronomical expectations for hard aspect effects by F. Gauquelin 36 Methodological issues effect sizes are necessary by J. Becerra 40 The fixed displacement control group eg shifting date by B. Ertel 16 Real Astrology Review by R. Nolle the need for statistical research 22 Research on Murderers by L. Houston, M. Pottenger, F. Gauquelin 25 Diurnal Sector Calculations by M.

Pottenger 28 Births in Brazil in by F. Gauquelin 30 Time Changes in Argentina by E. Dumon 31 Is the Moon or Mercury the traditional planet of writers? Gauquelin 32 Letters - H. Smit, K. McRitchie, F. Onucki, D. Laboure 35 Letters - C. Kuypers, H. Filo, J. Hand 23 More about Uranus and Murderers by L.

Houston, F. Dinacci 29 Comments on Dinacci's article by F. Gauquelin 30 Letter from M. O'Neill and N. Kollerstrom 31 Reply to Lehman's attack on me by G. Gauquelin 47 Proceedings of 3rd Eysenck Research Seminar how to order. APP 7. Gauquelin 11 Principles of Research by Prof H. Ertel 33 Comments on Ertel's article by F. Gauquelin 35 Comments on Ertel's article by M. Gauquelin 37 Astrolabe and Astrological Research by G. Christen, R.

Hand, P. Schulz, W.

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Heukelom, L. Gauquelin 47 Reply by Richard Nolle and F. Gauquelin's answer 48 Contributors. Houston 27 Sun, Uranus and Demographics by M. Gauquelin 35 How complex can demographic problems be? Celayir, S. Ertel, R. Tate, M. Celayir 38 Response to Celayir by S.

Lehman why do research? Ertel 35 Planetary Patterns and Personality by T. Harding 47 Letters - N. Kollerstrom, D. Glade 53 Answer Master by C. Hannon 54 Challenge! Hannon 56 Contributors. APP 8.

Gauquelin 06 The New Astrology by K. Gauquelin 22 Time Changes in Australia by K. Smit 08 Bibliography of MG's publications by S. Ertel 10 M Gauquelin's library available to researchers by F. Gauquelin 27 The Gauquelin sectors by F. Santoni 37 Letters - D. Coe, T. APP 9. Heukelom 06 Moscow Association of Astrologers by V. Vaisberg 07 Shall we believe in statistics, yes or no? Halbronn 09 Description of two extreme G types out of 32 by F.

Gauquelin 22 Planetary effects with female notabilities by S. Ertel 26 On rectification by the rule of Hermes by K. Tarvainen 29 Time changes in Moscow by V. Vaisberg 31 F. Gauquelin on the accuracy of birth time registration Part 1 36 List of Articles by S. Muller 22 Reply to Muller's negative study by F. Gauquelin 29 F. Gauquelin on the accuracy of birth time registration Part 2 34 The birthplanet transit hypothesis by T.

APP Gillman 27 Comments by F. Gauquelin 28 More comments by K. Bollen 32 Comments by F. Gauquelin 33 More comments by M. Fuseau-Braesch and G. Gauquelin 42 Paris congress in March advertisement.

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Roberts 07 Other projects in progress brief summaries 08 chart factors tested on the Gauquelin professional data by M. Jerome and F. Pacpier and F. Gauquelin 56 Gauquelin sector Expected Frequencies by M. Pottenger 59 Time changes in Australia update by K. Barrett 60 Data accuracy check on Gauquelin data 62 Appeal to astrologers doing research to send details to German association. Gauquelin 18 Testing for 7th House Rulership by M. Tollefson 20 Planets in Semantic Space by G.

Douglas 32 Discussion of Douglas's results by F. Pottenger 44 Fourier Analysis of Gauquelin data by C. Wilhelm 54 Time Changes in Finland by K. But it was never published. Left to right: TA 3. Page size for all journals was A4. Aims and size The aims of AinO and its precursors were similar to those of Correlation and APP but with more emphasis on philosophical issues and the problems faced by practitioners.

Most of the material was peer-reviewed to maintain high standards. For such a small country s population 15m the breadth and depth of AinO 's contents was remarkable, as was the steadily increasing size of each issue over the first fifteen years as shown below:. Number of standard pages words per AinO issue and its precursors Until there were generally two issues per year. From the pages were typeset in two columns, giving around words per page, here taken as the standard page to which previous pages have been adjusted pro rata. Actual words per issue will be less than pages x due to figures and tables.

Friendlty interchange Unfortunately for English readers, AinO was written in Dutch and was therefore little known outside the Netherlands even though each issue contained summaries in English. Nevertheless there was a frequent friendly interchange of translated material with both Correlation and APP , largely due to Rudolf Smit and his position as typesetter and layout artist for TA , AinO on , and Correlation when he was its editor. The friendly interchange is exemplified by this letter from Francoise Gauquelin published in AinO , 5.

Like usual, its contents are full of interesting news, which the summaries in English help spot in a very convenient way. Continue the good work! It is encouraging to see how your publication thrives and improves. And you manage to bring together an excellent team of collaborators. Compliments from Francoise, San Diego. Price and circulation Annual price including surface postage was Then as size and production costs increased, the annual price steadily increased from 28 guilders in through 36 guilders in to 40 guilders in Annual price in was Circulation nearly all within the Netherlands was about in the s and in the s.

Despite the excellence of its contents, the general lack of positive scientific findings in astrology led inevitably to a reduction in publication frequency from twice a year to once a year from , and a virtual cessation from Left to right: Kosmos volume 8. Size was 14x22 cm until The aims of ISAR are "to assist in the development and use of astrological techniques, to encourage responsible astrological research and to establish hidh professional standards of competence in the field of astrology".

However, Kosmos during the only years in our library was more an astrological journal than a scientific research journal. There were generally 48 pages per issue with around words of full-size typing per page, or from , a total of about 0. Circulation in was about Examples of Kosmos articles Most articles were reprinted conference talks by members with titles such as "Karmic destiny" and "Stress in the horoscope" containing uncritical statements such as "Fire thrives on harmony and agreement" and "One glance at X's fixed T-square shows Few were empirical studies, and even fewer used controls.

Contents of Correlation New editors bring a change of cover style. Outcome was Positive Mixed Negative Total Studies in non- 1 4 8 13 Gauquelin areas 4 0 13 17 Studies in 12 3 6 21 Gauquelin areas 10 5 3 18 Total 69 Size of each issue As shown below, the size of each Correlation issue has varied, as has the regularity of publication.

For some time there has been a need for a journal in which to publish experimental results, discuss theoretical issues and permit communication between researchers of all persuasions. Correlation has been launched to fulfil this need and provide a forum for serious debate. Articles are invited for consideration from those involved in research or wishing to discuss any subject bearing on the problems both of carrying out and interpreting research in this area. Such articles should show informed comment and, whether sympathetic or sceptical in tone, should be free of invective.

The deadline for the November issue of Correlation is September 30th, A glossary of terms for those unfamiliar with astrological concepts is provided at the end of the journal. Cherfas's article in New Scientist Correlation 2. Henbest's review of his book in New Scientist 12 May Correlation 9. This is one of the reasons why it has always been hard for serious researchers into astrology to find a proper podium for reports on their findings.

The Astrological Association of Great Britain, in the person of Simon Best, provided them with that podium through Correlation , the research journal of which Simon has been the editor for more than a decade. Thanks to his efforts Correlation has become the foremost magazine on serious research into astrology, a reputation which is often alluded to with respect even by skeptics. New editors usually bring in new ideas. I am not an exception to that rule. For starters, some cosmetic changes have already been implemented: there is a new front cover and a new page layout.

The first and foremost aim of this new page layout is the enhancement of legibility, while maintaining a harmonious balance between white and typeface on the one hand, and economy how much text on a page on the other; I am still in the experimental stage. As for the contents of Correlation changes are being contemplated, with the condition though that this journal shall not compromise on quality.

Urban-Lurain Correlation In the s Galton had begun on the quantitative trail that was to lead him through "reversion" to "regression" to "correlation", hence the symbol r universally used for correlation. The realisation dawned suddenly and changed the world of science forever, but Galton's account of it unfortunately without date or time was rediscovered only a century later, see S.

Galton's account could not end more aptly for our readers: "I can only say that there is a vast field of topics that fall under the laws of correlation, which lies quite open to the research of any competent person who cares to investigate it". You may notice some differences between this journal and those presented by my predecessor, Rudolf Smit, and I hope that these will help to enhance your enjoyment of the journal further.

I would like to thank Rudolf for his continued help and support throughout the summer during the handover of the role of editor to me. His kindness and consideration made the transition a pleasure and I am very glad indeed that he will be continuing to provide input to the journal as one of its consulting editors. New covers have been designed in line with the livery used by the Astrological Association for the Asytrological Journal and also by Culture and Cosmos , the journal on the history of astrology. Preparations are currently under way to place Correlation in the libraries and departments of various universities and this 'new look' Correlation is very much in keeping with that objective.

Denness 64 Review - Heath's Stonehenge Correlation Ertel reply to Dean Correlation Douglas 03 Editorial - Good scientific practice in astrological research 06 Editorial by John Addey from AJ Autumn setting out aims for the first Correlation Addey's editorial -- [The Correlation referred to appeared during , see picture below, and was the precursor of the present Correlation. The name Correlation was suggested for this publication by Mr Fleming Lee who has agreed to act as its editor We are certain that not only has astrology nothing to fear from the scrutinies of science or from the use of scientific methods, but that if it is to perform one of its most valuable potential functions in the present world -- that of demonstrating to modern science that the phenomena which it so loves are but symbols of an ideal and spiritual order which lies behind the manifested cosmos -- then we should fearlessly meet scientists on their own ground and show them that even by their own criteria astrology is magnificently true.

Fuzeau-Braesch Correlation Taking stock: it's not just for financial advisors. How are you doing with your life goals? Are there some old plans that need dusting off, or bold new ones that need to be put into motion? Stop hanging out with the same old crowd. It takes effort to meet new people, but that effort might be rewarded by a new friend who turns out to be the best friend of your life! Astrology relies on illusions in thinking variously called personal validation or subjective validation, or the Forer Effect. More specificially, the Forer Effect is the tendency of us all to interpret vague, generic statements as explicitly, individually descriptive of ourselves.

More generally, the fallacy of subjective validation depends on the selective nature of memory. If we want to believe something is so, we tend to remember the events that support the belief, and forget those which don't. The result is a growing feeling of conviction. Given five or six vague predictions or more often suggestions for each of days, we remember the one or two which happen by chance to relate fuzzily to real events, and naturally and immediately forget the many thousands which turned out to have no relevance of any kind whatsoever.

Modern science has undercut astrology at every turn. The individual is formed at conception— not at birth. The gravitational force exerted on a newborn baby by the earth is more than a million times greater than that of any nearby celestial object. The tidal forces exerted by the mother, or delivering doctor, or hospital building is, likewise, a million times greater than that of any nearby celestial body.

The electromagnetic radiation falling on the baby from the room lights is a million times more intense than that from any night-sky celestial object. Changes in environment during early development are clearly observed to have much greater effects upon the developing person than trivial details of circumstances at the time of birth. Also, the time of birth can be altered, to some extent, by the actions of a physician. What are the astrological implications of a caesarean section or induced labor?

Another important point to appreciate involves the long-established role of genes in a person's nature. Suppose two unrelated persons are born at the same time in the same hospital. Will the supposed astrological forces outweigh the real genetic ones? The science of genetics has shown the answer to be, unquestionably, no. There is nothing whatsoever in all of nature as we have explored it to date, or in any of our other experience, that gives any credibility to any astrological idea.

If there were any actual phenomena of nature underlying astrology, everything would be affected, not just human beings. The forces of nature are universal, exerted from atom to atom, and everything is made of atoms. Real forces do not discriminate between living and non-living matter.

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But, of course, no knowledge of modern science is required to see most all of astrology's problems— as Cicero pointed out years ago, consider a battle in which thousands take part and hundreds are killed. Were all those killed born on the same day of the same month? In fact, if the number of fatalities is large enough, the distribution of their birthdays will always be quite uniform throughout the year.

Nevertheless, millions of Americans, from the late Ronald Reagan to minimum-wage earners, have regulated their daily schedules to some extent in accord with the arbitrary and potentially harmful advice of astrology's random-word generating engine. Astrology is probably the longest-lived pseudoscience because of its personal aspect.

Every day you can pick up the local newspaper, turn to the astrology column, and read about yourself! Not George W. It's really all about you— the whole, infinite universe is reduced to a primitive clockwork whose sole purpose is apparently to tell you whether it's a good day to go shopping or not! It is essential to remember that a belief doesn't have to be true to be apparently useful.

Astrology has flourished because it provides a framework within which people can label themselves, discuss and accept their strengths and failings, and search for meaning and direction in their lives. Viewed as a social support system, astrology lies somewhere between a religion and a self-help cult, and poses all of the same dangers. If you can get around without a crutch, why persist in carrying one everywhere and waving it at anyone you meet?

Astrology is the classic pseudoscience, a model for most that came after. Today, astrology has tended to submerge itself in the general New Age social movement, and has been blended, often nearly indistinguishably, with other New Age pseudosciences, from Feng Shui to crystal power, from dowsing to medical quackery, from auras to near-death experiences The idea is that the astrological predictions, generated by an admittedly meaningless procedure, are still valid because the framework used for the predictions is unimportant, and they actually come ultimately from psychic insight into the customer's condition and needs This attempt to escape the criticism of astrology's incoherent foundations flounders on the hard, cold fact that no two astrologers will generate the same predictions and specific personality readings for the same customer.

Originally written by Prof. Latest update: September,

kelly carlson astrology Kelly carlson astrology
kelly carlson astrology Kelly carlson astrology
kelly carlson astrology Kelly carlson astrology
kelly carlson astrology Kelly carlson astrology
kelly carlson astrology Kelly carlson astrology
kelly carlson astrology Kelly carlson astrology
kelly carlson astrology Kelly carlson astrology

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