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There are a number of mnemonic phrases that are easily memorized for remembering the names of the planets, including " M y V ery E nergetic M other J ust S erved U s N oodles. The word planet means wanderer because the planets appear to wander about the sky relative to the stars. The fixed stars do not move in relation to one another although they all appear to move together because of the Earth's rotation on its axis. Which eight stars you choose to teach your Pathfinders to identify will depend on the season spring, summer, winter, or autumn , although some stars are visible year-round.

A constellation is a pattern of stars that look grouped together. The ancient Greeks gave them names and made up myths about them. By naming constellations they made a map of the sky. Different constellations are visible in different seasons. Note 1. The Southern Cross constellation is a mix of a complete constellation Crux cross and the pointers from the constellation Centauri.

Note 2. Orion the hunter. In the Northern Hemisphere this is an upright hunter but in the Southern Hemisphere the hunter is up side down so is commonly referred to as The Pot or in some parts of Australasia The Saucepan. Note 3. Scorpio is also upside down in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Most times it is viewed perpendicular to the horizon. The Milky Way is the name of our galaxy. A galaxy is a disc of stars, and since the Earth and the rest of our Solar System are in that disc, the Milky Way appears as a faint strip in the sky. To view it properly, you will need a very dark sky. Because it is nearer to the Sun than the Earth is, it always appears in the sky near the Sun. This means it can only be seen either in the morning within a few hours of sunrise, or in the evening within a few hours of sunset. Venus is the third brightest object in the sky, after the Sun and the Moon, so it is fairly easy to spot.

When it appears in the evening, it will always be in the West. When it appears in the morning, it will always be in the East. You may need to consult an almanac to know whether it will appear in the morning or in the evening. The immediate causes of aurora are precipitating energetic particles from the Sun.

These particles are electrons and protons that are energized in the near geospace environment. This energization process draws its energy from the interaction of the Earth's magnetosphere with the solar wind. The requirements for this honour were updated by the South Pacific Division in , and those changes are reflected here.

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This version the latest from the SPD uses information from the previous. Edited by Geoff Harvey. Invercargill Pathfinder Club. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. It is built around an innovative chart form that includes not just the ecliptic but also the horizon and meridian, the zenith and nadir, the three Babylonian celestial paths of Enlil, Anu and Ea, and images of the constellations overlaid by stars with their name and magnitude.

On this form the ecliptic circle can show either the Babylonian fixed zodiac, the Babylonian tropical ecliptic as per the MUL. APIN text , or the tropical Ptolemaic zodiac. As per the Liber Hermetis, each ecliptic degree is shown as lucid, shadowy, dark, or empty. Dodekatemoria can also be shown, as well as the equinoxes and solstices.


You can switch virtually every feature on and off. For any star, additional tables show, in all three zodiacal schemes, its position projected in three ways: simple ecliptical, paranatellonta ecliptical degree that co- rises with the star , and ortus ecliptical degree of the Sun when the star rises heliacally. Based on more than 2. In addition, you can work extensively with planetary heliacal phases. You can plot the positions of these phases on the wheel, noting conjunctions to important chart factors. Venus is a special case, because it spaces each successive instance of a given heliacal phase evenly around the zodiac in a 5- pointed star pattern.

This 8- year cycle is reflected in another important part of Babylonian astrology, the celestial pentagram of Venus. The Mesopotamian module can plot the pentagram on the wheel, showing where it contacts important chart points over an 8- year cycle. As the basis of the pentagram, you can choose from any of the heliacal phases morning first appearance, evening first, morning last or evening last and the pentagram will then show the five points in the zodiac where that phase repeats over the 8- year period.

To give an overview of all the important Mesopotamian astrological events in any given year and place, there is a new Parapegma or heliacal calendar. Arranged chronologically, this lists the dates of the heliacal phases of the planets and stars, plus the lunar phases and solar ingresses occurring during the period. Yet another chart wheel view is the Sphaera Hermetica. This shows the positions of the planets relative to three ways of calibrating the ecliptic: a the fixed Babylonian zodiac, b the tropical Babylonian ecliptic with the equinox at 1.

Aries, and c the 1. An outer ring shows the day and month of the heliacal rise of bright stars, and towards the center there is a ring for each of the visible planets that shows the positions of its recent heliacal phases. Mesopotamian divinities is associated with each dodekatemorion. This view also shows the year when the spring equinox entered that dodekatemorion.

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A zoom- up of up to 5 times is possible in this module. An animated dynamic wheel view enables you to re- create the three main Mesopotamian progression rates: day for a year, two hours for a year, and four minutes for a year.

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You can view the Various Data table either by itself, or placed under the chart wheel in a printout. The Underground Episode 6. The False Sign of September 2. But cast in the light of the new understanding, the other verses shed a new light, and a greater, more holistic understanding of our Father and his immeasurable love is gained. As the apostle Paul says, we have renewed our minds, and have been transformed. Swallowing your pride is a healthy meal!

Like you, several years ago I found out that Scotty was claiming to have found some sort of alignment of the stars that coincided with the Rev 1. I think if we look at the verses like a map, a breadcrumb trail that builds one step on another, it is easier to understand for me at least! To begin our investigation we have to start with Rev 1.

The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology by Vivian E. Robson

It is evident that there is a clean break in the timeline between Rev 1. So when do the events of Rev 1. Our next clue is that there is a GREAT sign in heaven—something happens that has not happened before—and the sum of the to- be- mentioned clues comprise the great sign.


Clue 1: Where to look? The Woman. Since there is only one female in the 1. Clue 2: Clothed with the sun. In other words, a person up to a particular size could fit into a certain garment, but over that size it would be impossible to get into it. For instance, Lk. Clue 3: The moon at her feet. The sun crossing Virgo gives us a season, the moon crossing Virgo gives us a time of that season. Does it have to be a new moon? Clue 4: The crown of twelve stars. So what crown of 1. Joel, you mentioned the Virgo cluster may be a possibility as well as Coma Berenices.

Zodiac Signs and Astrology Signs Meanings and Characteristics

With Coma Berenices, although widely accepted and identified as a crown of 1. Clue 5: On her head. I think this is a significant clue. Not on the side of as with Coma Berenices or reaching for as with Corona Borealis. A third of the stars are coming down!

Clue 6: She was pregnant.

fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf Fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf
fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf Fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf
fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf Fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf
fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf Fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf
fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf Fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf
fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf Fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf
fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf Fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf

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